Computer Man

Antonio Martner

Ph.D. Student

I am a fourth-year Economics Ph.D. student at UCLA working under the supervision of Hugo Hopenhayn, John Asker, and Michael Rubens.

Working Papers

  1. Growth Accounting in Open Economies with Distortions
    with F. Huneeus and Y. Koike-Mori
  2. Aggregating Distortions in Networks with Multi-Product Firms
    with Y. Koike-Mori

Work in Progress

  1. Welfare Effects of Buyer and Seller Power
    with M. Demirer and M. Rubens
  2. Monthly Heterogeneous Markup Cyclicality and Inflation Dynamics
    with W. Lu and M. Giarda
  3. Welfare Effects of Price Discrimination in Supply Chains
    Job Market Paper


Pre-doctoral work

  1. Firm Shocks, Workers Earnings and the Extensive Margin
    Central Bank of Chile WP 1010, March 2024. with A. Castillo, A.S. León, and M. Tapia
  2. Front-of-package warning label effects on manufacturing labor outcomes in Chile
    Food Policy, 2021, vol. 100, p. 102016. with G. Paraje, A. Colchero, J.M. Wlasiuk, and B.M. Popkin
  3. Misallocation or Misspecification? The Effect of Average Distortions on TFP Gains Estimations
    Central Bank of Chile WP 835, June 2019. with E. Albagli, M. Canales, M. Tapia, and J.M. Wlasiuk
  4. Sudden unemployment
    Mimeo 2019. with E. Albalgi, M. Marcel, and M. Tapia
  5. Electronic invoicing: a data revolution for applied macroeconomic research
    Mimeo 2018. with E. Albagli (presentation at OECD, slides).
  6. The role of small and medium-sized enterprises in Latin American exports to Asia
    United Nations Publications, 2016.